Here’s Your 2nd Chance!

Yesterday I introduced the content for the next blog series. I have to admit that I recorded my video on THE MOST BEAUTIFUL day of the fall season in Nashville, TN (so I hope you won’t hold that against me!) If you didn’t have a chance to watch my introduction, here’s your “second chance, LOL!!!”

I know I sound like a bit of a, well…redneck, BUT I hope you find significance in this series. My life is a second chance, after nearly losing a battle with a life threatening disease in 2006, every moment matters. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery so today is all you have. Whatever happened that caused your regret, disappointment, heartache, failure…MOVE ON, there is nothing more you can do. What you can do is focus on the “do-over” or second chance and be grateful that you have the opportunity to turn a setback into a solution.

So, over the next 9 days we will look at the following tactics to soar in your second chance:

1. Change Your Perspective

2. Give Thanks

3. Assemble a “Personal Board of Directors

4. Plan with a Pivot

5. Pace Yourself

6. Pay it Forward

7. Stick to Your Guns

8. Craft a Personal Mission Statement

9. Become a Mentor