Food, think “Fuel”

UnknownI consider myself EXTREMELY fortunate to be married to a sports-specific dietician. I know, I know…I’ve pretty much got it made so let me share a valuable lesson that she has taught me. Cool?

Here it goes:

“There is no such thing as bad food except that which is old and moldy.”

Yep, that’s it…sounds simple enough huh? However simple it sounds, it flipped my world upside down and took me over 2 years to adjust. As an endurance athlete I thought there were certain foods that I had to avoid. Not true.

What my wife has taught me is that my body will use what I feed it as fuel for my workouts. There are different sources of energy that we utilize provided to us by our food BUT THERE ARE NO FOODS THAT WE ABSOLUTELY MUST CUT OUT.

When I was finally able to grasp this simple concept, it took a lot of pressure off the recovery and preparation of my scheduled training.

Food is a wonderful thing and the body is a work of art. Now, I don’t suggest you begin a daily habit of cake and ice cream but I also want to stress that a perfectly “clean” diet is not necessary!

Think of your food as fuel and eat…rest…train…AND REPEAT!

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