First Stop: Potential

I feel here are 6 primary steps along the journey to your purpose.

It starts with your potential. If you think about the basic concept of the word potential, we were all created with capabilities. Some of us like fruit, some of us like to play soccer, some of us prefer individual sports.
The difference between you and I is our preferences, but the commonality is the purpose.

That purpose starts with potential, so it is up to you to identify the gap. And that gap is simply the difference between where you are now and where you want to be. That gap is your potential.

The worst thing that you could happen is throughout the course of your life is to make it to the very end and after your passing, have those that know you and love you that call you friend, husband, father, dad, or brother to say “He had so much potential.”

In order to avoid that outcome, simply take the first step and identify that destination which is simply where you want to be.

At this point it’s never too late, you could be 20 years into a corporate job that you hate, dreading Monday morning. Well, today is the FIRST DAY of the REST OF YOUR LIFE. So let’s get on with it…

Identify Your Potential because your potential will point the way and will dictate the pace from where you progress at this point in time.