Find Your Fun!

AID STATION: If you have any hope of staying the course, you must find fun along the way! I highly recommend that you take the mundane and spin it in a creative way that makes you laugh.

You are running, swimming, biking, cross-training and weight lifting your way to a new you. You have experienced every emotion along the way including but not limited to frustration, impatience, disappointment, excitement, joy and optimism. At times you have probably felt as if you were riding a roller coaster literally, if not figuratively!

Here you find yourself again on a Friday night..a time where fun shouldn’t be as hard to find!

Just in case you were looking for ideas on how to laugh this weekend, I thought I would share our “fun” from this Friday night…

Tip: Did your parents ever tell you NOT TO PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD? WELL, FORGET THAT!!!

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