Feed it

Today’s post is part 10 of a 10 part series: “10 Ways to Conquer Your Comfort Zone.”

Let me assure you that the title of this post is not all indicative of the premise!

“Feed it” you ask, doesn’t that seem like a strategy designed to strengthen a comfort zone? Doing more of the same to hardwire habits even deeper into the brain? What the heck am I thinking leading off with this illustration? Fear not my friend, its time to be rocked!

Hopefully by now (this being day 10 of a 10 day series) you have found at least one strategy mentioned to be helpful. If indeed that this is the case, you have just formed a new habit, pattern or behavior. If you hope to continue the early momentum created, you will have to sustain yourself for what lies ahead. Nothing in life worth anything has ever come easy. Think about your most cherised accomplishment and now consider the path that took you there. Was there anything easy about the journey? I highly doubt it but even if there was, you wouldn’t enjoy reliving it. At some point along the way you made a decision and followed through with a baby step. That first step was followed by another and then another until you found yourself well on your way.

The idea of “feeding it” has nothing to do with your comfort zone and everything to do with conquering it. A warrior needs nourishment both physically and emotionally. You need to win every day in order to continue on a treacherous path. Do not reserve the wins for the major crossroads of life. There is nothing wrong with tiny victories and regular celebration does wonders for the psyche. When you win, you celebrate and when you celebrate you elevate. Your comfort zone will eventually wear you down by preventing you from doing anything other than what is predictable. You are going to need strength to break free from your self-imposed prison and once you’re out, you will also need strength to continue. Your strength comes when you learn to “feed” yourself. Feed your new habits as they will lead you to exactly where it is you truly desire to go.