“F” = Focus

This post is rates Sprinters, Olympians and Ironman.


Part 6 of a 26 part series.

Whether you like it or not, focus is something you come by naturally. Either consciously or subconsciously your brain is working around the clock.

Let’s focus on fear for the next few minutes…

Fear is a part of everyday life. Our fears can range from physical to physiological. We fear snakes, we fear heights. We fear inadequacy, we fear being alone, we fear the unknown.

Fear itself is neither good nor bad. What we do with our fear is where the potential for success or failure comes in.

The next time you feel fear coming on, ask yourself the following question:

“Will I allow this fear to result in anxiety or action.”

Anxiety says: “oh, no” where action says “oh, yes!”

Do not allow your fear to serve as the final destination. Anxiety always leads to apprehension. Action on the other hand, paves the way for accomplishment!

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