Every Moment Matters: part IV

This post is rated Olympians and Ironman.

Today is the last and final part of a the IV part series “Every Moment Matters.”

Do you or do you not agree with the following statement: “the fun is in the run?”

You have made it to final stage of your race and if you have executed, you will be set up very nicely to finish strong!

Your back into T2 having just finished the bike. You have racked your bike, removed your helmet and are ready to lace up the ole’ running shoes. The distance of the race will determine whether or not you need socks. Well I guess, the shoes you wear might carry some weight as well?! In theory if you racing a sprint or olympic distance triathlon, socks are optional. I guess you’ll never know until you try but a run lasting between 25 and 50 minutes is usually not long enough to cause blisters!

Ok, now its time to hit the deck and pull on your shoes. I suggest doing this from a seated position to avoid falling over! Now listen very carefully…from here take your hat or visor along with your race belt in your hand and take off. Do not take the precious time in transition to do these things. If you cannot manage to put a hat on and wrap a belt around your waist while running, you should not be competing!

Your legs are going to feel awkward, so anticipate it. Take the first half mile to adjust and find your stride if necessary.

Now a word about the aid stations….(and I could write an entire post about this one on its own…AND YOU KNOW WHAT, I THINK I WILL!

Aid stations can be a major distraction, but with a little focus you can cruise through with what you need and avoid what you DON’T.

It may be true that the best triathletes are the best swimmers, but I believe from personal experience that runners are rewarded!


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