Every Moment Matters: part III

This post is rated Olympians and Ironman.

Today is part III in a IV part series entitled “Every Moment Matters.”

Without question, the longest leg of any triathlon is the bike (both in duration and distance.) Allow yourself to smile as you have just completed the hardest leg for most..the swim!

On Tuesday, we discussed the importance of setting your transition area and I would like to revisit this briefly today. Running out of the water, you want to ensure that your bike and necessary equipment are easily accessible. I recommend putting your sunglasses and helmet on ahead of your bike shoes.
***If you are really advanced you can affix your shoes to your bike pedals ahead of time for a running mount!

Once out on the bike course it is essential that you remember to fuel. Think of the bike as your “rolling restaurant.” Make sure your water bottles are within reach and accessible without too much effort. For longer races, go ahead and tape your gels to your top tube for easier access.
By all means, NEVER TAKE YOUR EYES OFF THE ROAD. The bike may be the longest (and most enjoyable leg of the race) but it is also the most dangerous and the place where most races end. I have more broken bones that I would like to admit as a result of biking errors.

In a triathlon, you will not be able to draft so make sure to keep your distance from other athletes within your proximity. Always pass on the left and when passing do not slow down once you overtake the rider ahead of you.

The tricky thing about the bike is knowing exactly how hard to go. Remember the run and make sure you have enough in your legs once you’re off the bike.

Hammer but hold back…how crazy does that sound?!!

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