Every Moment Matters: part II

This post is rated Olympians and Ironman.

Today is part II of a IV part series entitled “Every Moment Matters.”

As human beings, we have at least one thing in common…we are land-dwelling creatures! What is it about the swim that makes triathlon so intimidating? Unfortunately there is no way around it…that is if you wish to call yourself a triathlete!

With that being said, here are some easy tricks you can incorporate to make your swim faster and more enjoyable.

1. Fill your cap with water before placing on your head.

2. Place your goggles on top of your cap which will ensure that it does not fall off!

3. If the swim is wetsuit legal, apply cooking spray to the wrists and ankles to allow for easier entry and exit.

4. Once in the water, do your best to “follow feet.” This will prevent you from having to pick your head out of the water every 10 feet to sight.

5. If you are anxious about your swim start, do your best to swim as hard as you can for the first 200 yards or so. This will create separation and increase the likelihood of finding clean water.


Remember a race will never be won in the water, BUT IT CAN CERTAINLY BE LOST!

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