Every Moment Matters: part I

This post is rated Olympians and Ironman.

Today is part I of a IV part series entitled “Every Moment Matters.”

Triathlon is unique in that a transition area (or 2) is involved! The objective is to spend as LITTLE time in transition as possible. Think of this as a necessary evil to move onto to the next discipline. The way you set up your transition has the potential to make or break your overall time.

First and foremost, I would suggest marking your area with something that you will notice; something that stands out. You will be running toward your area after having spent the last 15 to 45 minutes in the water. It is very easy to forget where you set your area. Personally, a have a bright red mat that I use as the foundation of my transition area.

Ok, once you have found your way back to your area, I would suggest stacking your helmet on top of your bike shoes, with your sunglasses pointed away from you inside your helmet. Peel off your wetsuits or swimskin and reach immediately for your sunglasses, followed by your helmet not forgetting to buckle your strap. Now you can hit the deck to pull on your shoes before finally grabbing your bike by the saddle to exit transition.

Oh yeah and be careful not to run into any other athlete attempting to make it through the same exit that you are. Wait for the mount line before hopping your back as this could result in a penalty.

And there you have it…you are through T1.

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3 thoughts on “Every Moment Matters: part I

  1. Another tip for those looking to speed up in transistion is to have your bike shoes already on your bike and open fully, have talc in them so they are easily slipped on and hold them up using elastic bands, when you jump on your bike you can pedal on the top of your shoes until you are able to do them up properly and the elastic bands will snap, I also have my race belt underneath my wetsuit and sunglasses loosely taped to my bike helmet.

    if you practice all these points then you will exit transition 10-20 seconds quicker than most.

    These points have cost and made me places in the past