Energy vs. Time (part II)

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A “great divide” in our lives often occurs after high school graduation. The hope of a college degree is kept alive with a high school diploma. Only the exceptionally gifted are promised an opportunity to continue their physical training at the next level. At the age of 18 give or take a year, most Americans encounter a shift of focus.

Our thoughts are now directed toward engaging in activities that promise financial reward. For those who do not have the physical ability to continue in team sports at the collegiate level must transfer their energy to intellectual and mental training through academic study. The physical habits go away and the ritual of physical conditioning disappears. Unfortunately, the sedentary lifestyle begins for most Americans at or around the time of high school graduation.

Human beings are creatures of habit. 95% of our behavior is automatic and happens without thought. Brushing teeth in the morning is a great example of an activity that occurs without thought. 5% of human behavior is self-regulated and happens by choice. Clearly we must focus on the 95% of activity that happens automatically. The most effective way to create new habits that lead to positive rituals is to link beliefs to behavioral change.

A human being must believe that energy management is crucial for peak performance sustainable success in life. We all know that a day consists of 24 hours and most of us are clear of what we must accomplish within that time frame. Rather than focusing on time management (which often leads to multi-tasking) I would ask that you shift that focus to “energy management.” After all, multi-tasking is the enemy of efficiency. Multi-tasking is counterfeit engagement as multi-taskers are partially disengaged in everything!

Physical conditioning is a product of exercise (or stress), nutrition and rest. In order to achieve optimal success in a working career, physical conditioning is imperative. Life is crazy and every day presents a host of stressful situations. The more conditioned the body, the easier stressful situations will be to deal with.
So what do you do with all of this?? Well, why not develop a physical conditioning program tailored to your career? Yeah, I know it sounds crazy but it just might work!