Energy vs. Time (part I)

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Stress is related to uncertainty and fear of the unknown. A lack of purpose and vision tends to pave the way to anxiety and lack of control. A consistent steady stream of energy leads to increased functionality in the same way recurring revenue leads to a peaceful mindset. “Success fuels success.”

On the same note, a well trained body leads to a purpose driven mind. If we must work in order to live, it is imperative that our work be given every opportunity to succeed. A successful working career is the result of much more than intellect and mental ability. The mind must work in harmony with the body in order to produce regular and sustainable success.

Intellectual ability without physical conditioning leads to a sedentary lifestyle which will ultimate lead to disease and pre-mature death. On the flipside, physical conditioning without intellectual ability leads to imbalance in the form of short-lived success or burnout as we see with former professional athletes in their post athletic careers.

It comes very natural for most Americans to understand the importance of education. We are taught from an early age that a well educated mind will result in financial success. School starts at the age of 5 and often continues for 17 to 25 years. It is the pattern that leads to a habit which becomes a ritual. School is the first clear cut example of this that most Americans experience. Once a habit becomes a ritual it is much easier to continue. The ritual of attending school during the early years of life is the primary reason that most Americans attain their working careers.

Just as we introduced to the ritual of education at a very early age, we are also given opportunities to enage in physical activity. The first form of physical activity that life presents to most is team sports. Motivation and purpose from the beginning are based solely on recreation. Kids play because they genuinely enjoy themselves. There are also added benefits to physical recreation at an early age such as developing proper social skills. Team sports much like school can continue for the first 17 to 25 years of life. Once again, the habit of playing team sports and practicing at regular intervals leads to the physical ritual. In order to play the body must be physically conditioned. Practice provides the opportunity to train the body and reap physical benefits. Unfortunately, once a habit is broken a ritual can diminish and often disappear.