Curiosity is Crucial…

The "Chief" of Curiosity

The “Chief” of Curiosity


I took this photo of my dog this last weekend as I was pumping gas in Bowling Green, KY. I kid you not, the expression you see here provided the inspiration for this post. In this very moment, I began to contemplate the natural curiosity of my Boxer, “Chief.” I think we can all learn a lot from our puppy dogs, but the topic of this post is the value of curiosity…

Don’t get me wrong, I have no intentions of sharing all my “precious moments” with Chief. At the same time, I can honestly say that my Boxer has taught me far more than I could have ever imagined when I got him just under 9 years ago. Chief was my first consistent companion, even coming before my wife! I love my dog like a child and for more reasons that I can express in this blog post BUT there is a greater story that I would like to communicate.

Curiosity is the key to innovation. Curiosity is characterized by open-mindedness and determination. Curiosity is what allows us to persevere in the face of failure. Curious leaders prevail not because of intelligence or swagger, but due to flexibility and a willingness to learn “on the go.” Do you consider yourself a curious person? Are you naturally interested in the world around you? Do you wonder on a regular basis about the backgrounds of those whom you most closely associate?

Here’s a great test that you can use to determine if you are a curious person…The next time you find yourself in a new situation and in the presence of new faces, take inventory of your attitude. Are you eager to shake hands and “kiss babies” or are you uncomfortable due to the lack of familiarity?

People are either curious or close-minded; they are flexible or rigid. Rather than trying to be something you’re not, why not seek to become the person you wish you to be by asking it of others? Questions are the key to curiosity. Questions will lead you on wild adventures of conversation. Questions communicate care and concern for the world around you. Although my dog Chief cannot speak, there is no question in my mind (thanks to photo opportunities like the one above) that he is curious about everything ALL THE TIME!

Ahhh….life lessons to be learned from a dog!