Commitment is Key

AID STATION: You are on a roll, no time to stop now. You have made a conscious decision to change your physical fitness. You have created an exercise plan and may have even asked a friend to join you. Now comes COMMITMENT time. Commitment is crucial, so COMMIT NOW TO DOING WHATEVER IT TAKES…WHATEVER IT TAKES!

I once read a quote from legendary coach and leadership expert Jim Rohn: “Commitment is doing the thing you decided to do, long after the mood you made it in has gone.” Think about that for a minute and really let it sink in. There is so much power in this statement and this is one that has kept me in the game more times than not these last 7 years.

We are still in the early stages of a new year and there is a good chance the euphoria has not worn off yet. I hate to be the one to mention this, BUT it will leave you. Do you have a plan for the first time your feelings creep in? How are you going to respond to yourself when YOU tell you “I don’t feel like exercising today?” What are you going to do when your dog eats your running shoe and you have yet to exercise?”

Life happens, things get in the way of your must anticipate this. Commit now and I assure you that distractions will become much easier to deal with.


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