Change Your Perspective

Did you fail? How did it feel in the moment? It pretty much sucked, didn’t it?

Well, if you are reading this and wondering why I would open with this “stupid” question…please read on, I promise there’s a point!

Failing is necessary to facilitate a second chance. Very few success stories were built the first time around….

Babe Ruth is largely regarded as the greatest baseball player to have ever lived, yet he also struck out more than any other player. Do you think for a minute that each time he stepped into the batter’s box that he was thinking about the last time he struck out? Babe Ruth focused on the now. Sometimes he struck out but other times he hit it out of the park.

photo courtesy of Simon Sinek -AskMen

photo courtesy of Simon Sinek -AskMen

In 22 seasons with Boston and New York, Babe Ruth compiled the following hitting statistics:

2,783 hits

714 home runs

2,213 rbi’s

1,330 strike outs

Bottom line: Babe Ruth was not afraid to strike out. Ruth swung for the fences EVERY time he stepped up to the plate. His perspective was phenomenally present and he never let failure frustrate his future.

Take it from the Babe, yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery. TODAY is all you have.