the BONK

This post is rated Olympians and Ironman. If you’ve ever experienced one, you’ll never forget it. Hopefully, you’ve only experienced ONE… On the other hand, if you are not familiar with this concept, watch this short video clip. (This is not for the weak of heart.) Painful, isn’t it? So you might be asking yourself […]


This post is rated Sprinters, Olympians and Ironman.   There is no way around it… At some point you are going to have to train your body to transition from “cycling legs” to “running legs.” Inevitably, the last transition in a triathlon will move you from the bike to the run. If you know its […]

The Fool

This post is rated Ironman. Welcome to April; how was your “April Fool’s Day?” Did anyone pull a fast one on you? Were you indeed “fooled” by anything unexpected or out of the ordinary? In light of the new month and in recognition of the significance of April 1st, I wanted to direct this post […]

You “tri” so now…KPI!

This post is rated Olympians and Ironman. These last several posts have been extremely intentional. I wanted to communicate the importance of goals and that you do more than “just have them.” I hoped you enjoyed the various aspects of the SMART goals review. Key Performance Indicators, aka “KPI” serve as the official measurement of […]