Become a Mentor

There is no such thing as original knowledge. I love Solomon’s words in the book of Ecclesiastes: “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” In this 9th verse of Chapter 1 Solomon speaks directly to the heart of this matter. You know, I often wonder why we take such pride in invention and innovation. Now, I’m not saying that the modern revolutions in history have not been remarkable. Clearly the light bulb, printing press, assembly line and the world wide web have greatly enhanced the world in which we live,


innovation is a derivation of improvement. That which is improved was at some point impoverished. Every bit of knowledge present today was passed down from the previous generation. We all learn by doing and this “doing” has been going on since the beginning of time. Solomon is the wisest man (aside from Jesus) to have ever lived. This statement in the Bible made over 2,000 years ago is FILLED with truth and significance.

With all this mind, I am quite certain that you remember your favorite teacher in school. The man or woman who has had the greatest influence in your life (in any way, shape or form) has been remembered. As you struggle through your 2nd chance, keep in mind that you will one day be in a position to share your experience. A mentor is someone who is further down the road of life. A mentor has failed and as a result has persevered. A mentor is one who is in position to impart invaluable knowledge as long as there is someone to ask it of him or her.

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Not only is your success a product of your mentor’s “2nd chance” but your own 2nd chance is a catalyst for becoming a mentor yourself. Think about it….