ANYTHING can happen…

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You see this…..

I'm missing something!

I’m missing something!

THIS IS NOT A PRETTY PICTURE, but then again this post is not meant to be easy on the eyes.

This is what the Gulf Coast Half Ironman did to me…….

BUT, this was the end result:


(In case you are squinting, this is the leaderboard and I finished 8th.)

Now for the “rest of the story…….”

This past weekend, I raced in brutal weather conditions. Panama City Beach, FL is hot, windy and humid. As you aware by now, I am an ostimate and require the assistance of a medical device to support my Ileostomy while racing. The success of my appliance has everything to do with adhesive bonding remaining in tact. With most races, I fight 2 primary battles in addition to the swim, bike and run…WATER AND SWEAT!

This race was so humid that my appliance became detached from my skin and at mile 7 on the run I was left completely exposed. At that moment, I had a decision to make (and this is the point of my post.)
I wanted to quit so bad and I had a legitimate reason to do so. But then again I guess anyone can justify quitting if they really want to. My skin was soaking wet and there was no way I was getting a new appliance to stick to my skin. I stopped in a port-a-jon to clean myself up and was once again faced with a decision….TO QUIT OR GO ON.

Well, you already know the end of the story because you have seen the race results in the picture above. The race was not my best, by any stretch of the imagination. However, this race was one of my best for the mental boost it provided.

In the moment, my body had literally broken down, but my race was not over. I had 6 miles left to run. In the moment, every fiber of my being yelled “stop.” BUT IN THE MOMENT, I switched my perspective and replaced my immediate with my eventual.

Pain, adversity, troubles are temporary. Pain provides us with an opportunity to strengthen our character. The only question is will you be around to see it through. In the midst of your pain, fix your focus on your finish line……AFTER ALL, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN and you just might surprise yourself!

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