Act As If…


AID STATION: The primary focus of this blog has been on the physical side of change. Today I want to address the importance of attitude. You are probably not where you want to be, BUT you are also not where you were when you started. Act as if you have arrived (at your destination that is.)

By no means am I suggesting that you take on a cocky demeanor at this point in your transformation. There is no room for arrogance on the way to achievement. However, it is important that your confidence grows along with your improved physical condition.

We’ve all the phrase “fake it till you make it.” As crazy and obscure as it sounds, I think there’s truth in the statement. 21 days ago you were nothing more than your hopes and look how far you’ve come. Today, you have built the habits that will carry you the distance. I cannot underestimate the power of what you have done already.

You know deep down that your journey will become increasingly difficult. You need a positive attitude and confident mindset to accompany you along the way.

Act as if………(you fill in the blank!)

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    • Tim, the same things that make you great now will translate. You are a rockstar, its inside of you. I couldn’t imagine you living a “stale” life in whatever capacity you currently serve. I love your attitude.