Today concludes our 6 part series: “Life on Purpose.” The design of this series is to deliver short, practical steps for living life on purpose. The title of each post will serve as the theme for the day. These steps are not intended for deep thought, but rather for taking action. I hope you enjoy…

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Do you DO what you say you are going to do on a regular basis? Intentions are meaningless…Be honest with yourself. Your purpose is that one thing that you and only you can do, but it is not something that you find on your own. We as human beings are social creatures and were not designed to live in isolation. We need fellowship for many reasons, but at the top of that list is to hold us to our word!

So, let me ask you as if we conclude this series….


1. Accountability

2. Measure Progress (weekly, monthly and quarterly disciplines??) Remember the piece from Friday: “what gets measured, matters?” Now I’m not suggesting that you speak with your accountability partner every single day, but I do want you to get in the habit of checking in.

If you have not been committed to the LIFE ON PURPOSE process, it will become evident to those whom you choose to hold yourself accountable.

In the game of life, you play how you practice.