A Tale of 2 Bikes

This post is rated Olympians and Ironman.

Don’t you just love a good bike? (I guess that does sound a little well….weird!)

While I’m asking…what has been your favorite bike thus far in life?

For those of you who have raced consistently for any period of time you understand that a great bike is hard to come by. The cycling and triathlon media worlds do a fantastic job at presenting us with the best and state of the art equipment each year. Our options are endless and there are new innovations made each year. One trip on my personal bucket list is to spend a few days at the annual Interbike expo in Las Vegas each September.

All this to be said, 2 years ago I was given an opportunity to ride a brand new Quintana Roo Illicito and I loved it!


The unique nature of the Illicito is that it contains a single rear seat stay. It is one sweet ride! I raced all over the country on this bike from the USAT National Championships in Milwaukee to 70.3 World Championships in Lake Las Vegas; even Ironman Florida this past November. To say that I became one with my QR would be an understatement.

2014 presented another incredible opportunity; this time to move from my QR to a brand new bike built by Trek. The opportunity came about and I had to take it. After all, the worst thing any person can own is a closed mind. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time in the saddle of my new ride, the Trek Speed Concept 9.9.


She is beautiful to say the very least and I am thrilled to race this baby. I loved my old bike but feel that I will love this new one even more. It is a both a joy and a sorrow to experience the coming of an incredibly nice bike and the departure of an old friend!

I guess I just needed to let you in…to know the current thoughts running through my mind. I would love to hear what bike you are currently ride and what your favorite bike has been.

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