A Cinco de Mayo CHALLENGE!

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What time is it?! What time is it?! I said..WHAT TIME IS IT?!

Well, if Mexico has anything to do say about it..IT’S TIME TO PAH-TAY!

I’m all for letting loose. If a Monday night ever calls for celebration, I hope you would jump all over it! Just be careful on the way home!!!

BUT FIRST….a challenge (can you handle it?!)

Let’s take the #5 and add a little intensity, cool?

For your workout(s) today, I want you to focus on 5 and how intense you can make the number.

If you’re swimming…do 5x500s with 50 seconds rest between each set.

If you’re riding…do 5x5mile sprints on your trainer.

If you’re running…FIND A TRACK, YES I SAID FIND A TRACK! Do 5x100s all out with 5 seconds rest between each set.

Ok, ok…I may be getting a little carried away, BUT ITS ALL IN GOOD FUN; TONIGHT WILL ON BE THAT MUCH BETTER!


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