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The "Asheville Alphabet" (photos taken in and around downtown Asheville, NC)

The “Asheville Alphabet” (photos taken in and around downtown Asheville, NC)


What is adversity really? Do you consider adversity the outcome when things don’t go as planned. If you don’t get your way, would you consider yourself “faced with adversity?”

Just a few questions to get you thinking!

In my own experience, adversity is simply a blessing in disguise. Sure there is discomfort on the front end. We plan to perfection and usually don’t anticipate disruptions. On the flip side, we all understand that life is not perfect and that plans often go awry.

Think of adversity in terms of opportunity. You get cut off in traffic, your workout is interrupted in some way, or you receive unexpected bad news…

WHAT’S THE FIRST THOUGHT THAT COMES TO MIND (this is where I want your focus.)

You know there is nothing that can be done about the action that just occurred. Don’t be so quick to assign the “adversity” tag to your temporary inconvenience. If indeed, after further introspection you deem your situation as such, RESIST THE URGE TO REACT.

Stop, reflect (reflect some more) and focus on the opportunity. No matter how hard it may hide itself, with every adversity you may face in life there is a greater opportunity to grow.


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