Movin’ On…

Attachment, routine, comfort, familiarity, predictability… it what you will but WE crave it. I am as guilty as the next person and my primary message is CHANGE! My life in the last 2 weeks has literally been flipped upside down. I am as uncomfortable as I can ever remember. I am sleep deprived, stretched to […]

Competition: Crave or Cringe?

Do you consider yourself to be a competitive person? How do you view controversy? How do you handle differences of opinion? Are you a stuffer or a spewer? Ok, Ok…enough questions! BUT, can you guess where I’m going with this message?     Have you ever heard of the Porter 5 Forces, named by its […]

Summer’s Here!

As I started my Sunday morning brick workout, I wasn’t necessarily thinking about the significance of the day. I was carrying some extra emotion considering that it was my first Father’s Day! What I wasn’t thinking about at 5:45am but was quickly reminded (before my first mile) that yesterday was the first official day of […]

The Value of Vulnerability

  How many friends would you say that you have at this point in your life? I don’t mean co-workers, I don’t mean your workout partners and I certainly do not mean your Facebook friends…. I recently read a study that stated the average number of friends that any one person possess has dropped from […]

The Courage to Quit

  You either have it or you don’t… Do you have the strength to surrender? Do you possess the ability to recognize the reality of your life as it currently stands? If so, what does that picture look like for you? If what you see is anything less than desirable then something has to change. […]

Your Purpose is NOT Your Own…

It took me the better part of 25 years to discover my purpose and even if you are 25 years beyond what you thought was attainable in the first 25 years of your life – it’s not too late you aren’t perfect, I’m not perfect…nobody that has ever walked the face of this earth has […]

Passion is the Picture of Purpose

Pain is part of life, if you can learn to anticipate to plan to persevere, I’m confident you will find your passion, whether underwater basket weaving, triathlon racing – as in my particular case – or whether it is helping others who are in significant need, your passion is personalized and you and only you […]

Perseverance Pays

So with pain comes the need to persevere, which naturally is the fourth step on the purpose process. Perseverance is the successful overcoming of whatever it is that you consider pain to see through it to the other side. Now we talked about anticipation, if you can actually anticipate that pain ahead of time you […]