No Regrets

When its all said and done, what will your life reveal about your intentions? Will you have lived them out with fierce abandon or will you have built a track record for consistently falling short? Your life will be rewarding or regretful, and its up to you to decide. The sooner you find your purpose, […]

Curiosity is Crucial…

THIS IS THE PICTURE OF CURIOSITY!! I took this photo of my dog this last weekend as I was pumping gas in Bowling Green, KY. I kid you not, the expression you see here provided the inspiration for this post. In this very moment, I began to contemplate the natural curiosity of my Boxer, “Chief.” […]

Bravery is a Choice

Bravery is a choice. Do you agree or disagree? Bravery is a burden. Agree or disagree? What’s the first picture that comes to mind when the word “bravery” makes its way into view? Ok, I’ll go first! No question about it, its Mel Gibson in Braveheart and Russell Crowe in Gladiator. 2 men who are […]

May I Share?

On Monday I wrote to you about the value of instruction. If you think about it, there is really no new knowledge that exists in the world today. Yes I said it, there is nothing new that has never been pondered before. The greatest minds understand that progress is the result of collective thinking. Progress […]

If You Care, You’ll Share

Ok, so I told you we were starting a new series today… Would you mind if I share one more thought before we get down to the details? On Friday, I wrote about passion. I even went so far as the show you my passion in play. I love the sport of triathlon and feel […]

Passion is the Payoff!

Passion is the result of perseverance. Perseverance is the decision that must be made to overcome pain. Pain is the result of change. Pursuit is what causes pain. Potential is the reason for the pursuit. On the other side of passion is your purpose. Your purpose will not be perfect, but it must BE. Today’s […]

The Choice is Your’s

How badly do you want it? And on that note…what is the “it” in your life at the moment? Your purpose is out there somewhere, but are you willing to find it? Remember, pain is your compass. Moreover, have you decided on the front end to remain resilient no matter the cost? Desire is not […]

Perseverance in Play

Humor me please and play along…. I will give a quote and then match it to a picture. If it weren’t for the perseverance of the person who said it, the picture would not be in play (and the world would never know) Ready or Not!! 1. If you can dream it, you can do […]

Now’s Your Chance!

No matter how good or bad the first quarter of 2015 was for you, it is time to start over. You may have conquered the world or lost everything. The point is, it is now water under the bridge. You cannot live your live in memory of the past. Now is all you have and […]


Life is not a solo journey… The best laid plans will fail without consistent input from friends and family. You may feel like you are smarter, stronger, more capable and that others are often nothing more than distractions. I am confident that my life at this point would not as meaningful without my community. Taking this […]

Adventures are Awesome!

This last month has been a whirlwind of activity…to say the very least! I have driven, flown, walked and run over 10,000 miles. My adventure has taken from me Nashville to St. Louis onward to Minneapolis with a side of San Antonio and Austin! From the Longhorn state to New York City, ending with a […]

Heads Up

Life is full of surprises! When was the last time you experienced a change of plans? When was the last time you didn’t get your way? Maybe you got stuck in traffic on a day that you were delivering an important presentation and showed up 30 minutes late? Perhaps the weather interfered with a long […]

The Big Picture

Just this past week, I read a quote by a famed columnist that led me to an “ah-ha” moment. With that in mind, I wanted to share it here with you: “In my experience, the people who see their lives as part of a great drama tend to be the most liberated of all. That […]