Take a Chill Pill!

I came across this photo earlier in the week and had to take action. Super silly, fantastically funky, awesomely awkward (action) that is…. WHAT IS SO CRUCIAL IN YOUR LIFE THAT MUST BE DONE TODAY, RIGHT NOW, AT THIS VERY MOMENT NO QUESTION ABOUT IT?? Does it matter in terms of eternity whether or not […]

The Irony of Life

I cannot think of a better way to say it than the writers of the Pop-Rock band, Lit:  Jeremy and Alan Popoff, Jay Blades and  Kevin Shellenberger in the classic “My Own Worst Enemy.” The opening lyric says it all: It’s no surprise to me, I am my own worst enemy…. The greatest irony in life is […]

The Courage to Continue

Are you ready? NO YOU ARE MOST CERTAINLY NOT… Are you willing, even despite your lack of understanding? I HOPE SO! Are you going to fail at some point along the way? YES YOU ARE. Are you willing to fail? YOU BETTER BE. BUT NOT ONLY THAT, YOU MUST PREVAIL! You must develop a courage […]

Are You Willing to Fail?

Failure gets far more credit than deserved. We cite failure regularly as the reason we never take action. What will the world think of my failure? How will failure affect my position in life? Will I be able to recover and move on as a result of my failure? Have you ever taken the time […]

Ready or NOT…

“Ready or not, here I come.” Remember that game? Hide and seek, ahhh…the good ole’ days! We literally wrote the rules as we played the game. If you were anything like my friends and I in the way that you played the game, as the “hider” you were never ready. That mandatory 60 second eyes-closed […]

My hero, George!

In honor of President’s Day 2015, I wanted to pay a special debt of gratitude to General George Washington. Today marks the official birthdate of our first American President and I wanted to recognize a few key events of Washington’s life that you might not have been aware of. FIRST AND FOREMOST, TODAY IS NOT […]

How Does the World See You?

Have you ever taken a personality test? Meyers-Briggs, DISC, Johnson-O’Conner? Roughly 5 years ago I traveled to Atlanta for my personality profile test. After 4 hours of testing both standardized and interactive, I was scored based on my evaluation of certain criteria. Specifically, I took the John-O’Conner test and was rated high in a category […]

Anyone can start…

When you think of the word “start” what comes to mind? A track, a swimming pool or perhaps a line in the sand? You stand on the other side that represents routine. Until you actually start, you have no hope of getting there (wherever that may be.) This is the season of setting goals and […]

The Purpose of Your Purpose…

The inspiration for this post came from editor-in-chief of USA Triathlon Magazine, Rob Urbach! The title says it all… This article reminded me of the importance of sharing. It caused me to think about my passion of triathlon training and racing. I can honestly say that it if had not been for the efforts of a friend […]

The Atrocity of Autonomy

Autonomy….”the American Dream.” To live in a way that requires no assistance is the American way. We glorify independence. What’s the problem with autonomy anyway? Autonomy is the socially acceptable term for arrogance. Allow me to present my appeal… Let’s consider history and reflect upon various leaders who were known for their “arrogance.” In Biblical […]

A Daily Dilemma

I cannot for the life of me figure out why change is such a bad thing. Without question at some point during the day you will face an opportunity to reject or accept change. It could be as simple as taking a different route to work in the morning or as complex as beginning a […]

Collaborate to Dominate

Yesterday, we watched the Patriots and Seahawks play Superbowl XLIX. Irregardless of your feelings for the outcome, a fierce competition between the best 2 teams in the NFL occurred in front of millions of people all over the world. Both sides ran as fast they could, hit as hard as they could, strategized to the […]