What Do You Expect?

Today is part 2 of a 5 Part series, “Master Your Mind.” Let’s get on with it, shall we? On Wednesday we all agreed that perfection is not the goal of life. This is the mark that will never be reached, the journey that has no destination. Any attempts to pursue it despite reality will […]

Who Are You Kidding?

Today is part 1 of the 5 Part series “Master Your Mind.”   How do you view the world around you? As human beings we all have a tendency to place ourselves in the middle of all activity. We tend to feel more often than not that the world rotates around us. As such, for […]

Master Your Mind

We’ve been working through the reality of imperfection these last several weeks. Perfection has never been the point of life yet many of us pursue it as such. This senseless chase at some point or another will end in disappointment. Your value as a human being is not the perfection execution of some particular skill. […]

Become a Mentor

There is no such thing as original knowledge. I love Solomon’s words in the book of Ecclesiastes: “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” In this 9th verse of Chapter 1 Solomon speaks directly to the heart of this matter. You […]

Stick to your guns

Malcolm X was a pioneer in so many ways. He did more for more integration in the United States than most. One of his most famous quotes is the focal point for today’s post: “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for everything.”     What profound truth in this statement… When it […]

Pace Yourself

Gosh, this is THE hardest lesson of all for me (yet I feel the need to address it all the same.) If you are anything like me, you feel rushed when at first your plan does not succeed. You think that you’ve wasted all this time and effort because you have nothing to show for […]

Personal Board of Directors

No matter how hard you try, you will never succeed in the grand scheme of life without the help of others… I am the most stubborn, hard-headed person I know. It took me the better part of 30 years making silly mistakes before a wise old sage introduced me to what I now consider a […]

Change Your Perspective

Did you fail? How did it feel in the moment? It pretty much sucked, didn’t it? Well, if you are reading this and wondering why I would open with this “stupid” question…please read on, I promise there’s a point! Failing is necessary to facilitate a second chance. Very few success stories were built the first […]

The Picture of My Second Chance

I know I said I would begin my new series today, but I thought perspective would make a huge difference on how you digest the next 9 days. I mentioned that my life is a second chance and that I would not be alive without one. Many of you know my story by now, but […]

Here’s Your 2nd Chance!

Yesterday I introduced the content for the next blog series. I have to admit that I recorded my video on THE MOST BEAUTIFUL day of the fall season in Nashville, TN (so I hope you won’t hold that against me!) If you didn’t have a chance to watch my introduction, here’s your “second chance, LOL!!!” […]